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What is a spirit guide?

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2009

A spirit guide means different things, for everyone has more than one guide but only one personal guide, which most refer to when this is asked. This personal guide is with you in heaven as much as they are with you here in this realm, they are there for you all the time and at anytime can be called upon..

Whether it be a he or she, they are their job is to steer you at every moment into a desired situation, which you will learn from.This guide chooses you at the time of your first birth here on earth, it is their job at that time to be a guiding force through out your life lessons. In so doing they too will progress to their next step of evolution, for there are many levels of light above even them.

Now Ive been asked by many whether a recent relative can be a guide, they can in a way, but more times than not it is not your great aunt Sarah. It is though more likely to be someone you connected with in the spirit realm rather than in life. Which is why most guides seem to be of  a much later period of  time. Now, this doesn’t mean your aunt Sarah isn’t with you, but its more likely in spirit form rather than guide form. Even though she may be leading you as she always has in her own way, as best as she knew how when she was alive.

As to what I was speaking about of other guides, we all have 5 types, 4 of whom come and go when needed. These are your animal guide, your teacher, your doctor(whether it be finance or health), and what I call your chief guide which is there to monitor how the others are doing in their progression. These guides do not stick around for life, but will be there when their needed. None have any bigger or more important job than the rest, for all in that level are equal.

Hope this answered the Question


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