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How Does One Get To Know Their Spirit Guide

Posted by Brian on February 27, 2009

There is many ways to get to know your spirit guide, two of which are dreams and meditation. Although there are many more reasons, too numerous to mention here. The two I mentioned are the ones Ill discuss further, due to them being easier and sometimes quicker.  

Dreams and meditation times are your personal times, times where you can do impossible feats. One of which is talk to people from your past or spirits you’ve never met but are there to assist you in life decisions, your guides. Your personal guide will come to you when you are ready for him. When you are ready for him, not him for you. The reason most people do not see their guides outside of theses relaxed states is due to the fact that total relaxation is needed and when people are awake their personal walls exist.(See personal walls)  

Now to contact them there is something i like to tell people to do before their desired state of contact, which is simply to write a letter before entering asking to show signs of or see your spirit guide. Now this in itself is a long drawn out process, due to the fact your energy has to be attained and maintained with only the writing of this letter at hand. In this letter, let it all hang out. Ask for them to show themselves, tell about them selves(who they are, where their from, what it is their there for, etc..) Just write it in any way you feel fit, not in any order just write it with every thing you’ve got, then place it under your pillow before bed, or in your meditation area before meditation. Then fully relax and let them come to you, it may take a time or two but they will come……


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