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Do all pets go to Heaven?

Posted by Brian on February 28, 2009

I have heard this question many times and feel as I should put it here.  All animals go to heaven.

Animals are Gods perfect creation, regardless of species. Pets though seem to hold a special place amongst us, for they are there when needed. They listen when we don’t think anyone else will and love us when we don’t think anyone else does. Pets live with us for many years and sometimes even outlive us, but they are always there for us. There are many stories of our pet friends finding us countless miles away to ones that have brought patients back from recovery, there’s all sorts of stories. Why they do this is because they are truly gifts from above. God has sent them to people for proof of endearing love, also that we too have it in us and learn to show it with out questions.

Could you imagine if animals, especially pets asked this silly question.” Mom do all humans go to heaven? ”

This question could be broken down to even different levels, the answer will always be a resounding yes, if it lives, and everything lives, it goes to heaven. Heaven is not a special place for good things, and bad things do not enter there, everything in its own time goes to heaven, for it is a spiritual creation. Nothing is created by itself, God did that. And in so doing, all will go to heaven and be reconnected on the other side..


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