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Do Spirit Guides Help Us Open To Psychic Gifts?

Posted by Brian on February 28, 2009

Spirit guides do no help us with our psychic gifts, for that is our inherent gift from God.  We are born with man gifts that do not open to us until we are ready for them. Remember “we are spiritual being living a human existence” and in that we are all God-like in creation and thoughts, although we may not open to these gifts until it is time to open to them. For, many this does not happen in one life time, but many times it slowly develops. Either way psychic gifts are ours from the time of creation to the time we rejoin with the almighty source.

Guides differ in they speak to us not about opening psychic but about opening spiritually. In this way we ourselves open to the god given gifts. This happens for a very strict reason, the reason is learning, period. Most if not all people learn better not by giving but by allowing them to give themselves, in this way it sticks for ever in ones soul. Remember the old adage “give them a fish they will eat for a day, teach them to fish they will eat for a life time”. In a spiritual sense a life time is not the one were in now, but the entirety of our journey from the time of thought to the time of reconnection. These spiritual journeys are what the guide is there for…


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