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3 wall theory to Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Brian on March 6, 2009

The 3 walls I consider to be detrimental to opening ones true spiritual awakening are:

1.) The spiritual Wall

2.) The Societal Wall

3.) The Wall of Control

The spiritual wall is one in which society and ourselves set upon us that controls all things we think we know about God. Yet the true essence of spirituality seeks an outside divinity, hardly teaching where God truly lies, within us foremost and always. The best way to break from this wall is to research, self discovery and meditation.

The societal wall is also one of control, but hardly reaches the 1st wall of religion. It is one where we are led to believe that the true fact of spirituality is a weird and never thought of area of peoples life’s. Yet, why do they often feel this way…People fear what they do not know. The best way through this wall is self discovery and understanding.

The wall of control is a tottaly personal one, this is overcome in time by tottal self discovery and brings upon it a true spiritual awakening. People often ask, Doesnt society have a hand in this, I state Yes it does but we personally choose what we believe and CONTROL our own thoughts and beliefs…….


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