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Energy Of Ghosts

Posted by Brian on March 6, 2009

Ive watched several television shows on ghosts lately that have people jumping out of their skin, half  of them worried that ghost can harm them. After many years worth of experience dealing with entities I can assure that they can not,to a point, harm anyone unless the person allows it. Everything is energy, but more so ghostsare spirit, energetic beings that can not interfere with a person of sound mind and body. Now, with that said a spirit can , if one allows it, hurt them mentally by taking a persons worse fears and using it against them.

Each wave of Spiritual energy attracts energy within its own likeness. If one were to meet a spirit of a drinker harvesting a need for drink, most likely the person would start to drink more often, for that is what the spirit wants most. If one were to meet a spirit with a taste for hatred, that spirit would then attracts to some full of hatred, making the person feed the spirit with the desired rage, unfortunately this more time than not is the physical means in which a ghost can harm a person. If one were to not allow it and feel the energy being pulled in that direction, a person can and often does defend themselves before any damage is done.

Also, this is why some people feel or see spirits that others, even in the same household can not. Its their belief system at work, not normally so much denial, but that the walls are up that protect them from seeing them. Also, due to these walls being raised so is their energy, often being raised above the ghostly form. Like attracts like. However, all walls are meant t be lowered in times of total relaxation, making even these people at times see things out of the corner of their eye. Often though this raised energy is dismissive of what was seen, allowing them to be in total denial of what they do know and believe in whats been advised to them through out their life, mainly these things don’t exist, so to them they don’t nor ever will.

This is a very positive affirmation for people wanting to rid their life from these beings, for if one were to and to rid them selves of a spirit, first they would need to raise the energy of themselves and home or area to a continuous point of higher vibration. Whether this be by affirmation, meditation(beware this is a time of walls being down, where the spirit can be most potent), also denial, if the spirit can not touch you mentally it can not get to you at all. This will in tme let the spirit know its time to move on. If it does not, its due to the energy not being raised enough or the fact(search deeply)that you do not want it to go forward. If it is not you, then look around for there is someone there that yearns for it to remain, often not out of love but for the taste the energy has bought.

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