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Amazing Hero

Posted by Brian on March 7, 2009


This is utterly amazing! What a huge heart for such a little dog. Why didn’t more people stop to help this dog, would they have stopped if they hit a human? What made this dog do what they did?

This video brings a lot of questions to fruition in my mind, but what I truly find amazing is that nothing was done quicker than it was. Did people truly have to pass this amazing feat, or watch it on video to have their heart strings yanked. I don’t for a moment, my self, question why the dog did it, for in past posts I’ve stated just how endearing our pets hearts can be.

Have some people really begun to think themselves higher than other species, or that in some way were special. That we deserve God in our lifes because we invented him in our image. God made animals first, look at the back ground, open your eyes and see. We are not that much different in form than some animals, and we are no different, with the exception of free will of thought, than our animal friends. I’ve lived on the streets, and know how animals feel. People shunned me, not wanting to give a dime or a moment of their time for some one as little as I.

Watching this video brought me to tear, remember everything is equal in the energy of Gods love, everything is equal in every way if broken down to the most minute part, pure loving Godly energy. though this video was cute, remembering it in such a way as if these two dogs were no different than us, think of them as humans and see how it opens your eyes to the ways things exist in today’s world.

Sorry, these are my feelings and my words as usual. I hope it brings sme thoughts, and everything makes a differenece in some form, as such I hope this wakes us up and in some way changes our lifes in some manner.

Thank You, and Please keep sending in the videos as this was sent to me in an email……Again Thank You


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