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Is there such things as cheap ghost hunting equipment

Posted by Brian on March 9, 2009

Yes, absolutely. Ive been investigating the paranormal for the past 20 plus years. I used to be a part of and run one of ohios largest paranormal groups until the group split and thn someone broke into my car and stole my equipment. Its now been several years after, and I still dont have the equipment I had then. The reason Im writing this is to state, one doesnt need the greatest of equipment for investigations of the paranormal kind.

Investigations can begin and often run smoothly with the miniscule of equipment. A 5 dollar compas, often can and does do better than an EMF detector. On investigations EMF often picks up on electrical discharges of any kind. At some points electricity can be totally shut down, yet have the EMF read ectricity that lays dormant in some, at the time, unknown area.

The compass will not pick up this electricity, it wont have the flashy lights or cool sounds, but if it picks something up the compass point will spin like crazy. This does not imply the compass is a better tool in no means, for the EMF wil often pick up spirit readings that the compass does not. But, once again a compass is an excellent starting tool for low budget investigators.

Now for the cameras, in my eyes nothing ,atleast inexpensively, beats picture taking more than a 0Lux video cam, which now days can be found for right about 200.00. Still a lot, go for a 5.00 throw away strapless camera. These cheap beauties pick up things that the eye cant. These type of camers besides costing less, dont have the emenities the more expensive ones have. Camera straps, lenses of many flavors and other iniquities that can at times get in the way that make spirits out of the most common of errors. So, if its a camera your looking for, not a videocam, go with the 5.00 throw away….

The other things one can keep with their start up kit, are things like motion detectors, EVP mic’s , and infrared thermometers. These things also can be bught cheap, the most expensive out of them being the thermometer. This though can be found rather cheaply on the internet. The thing to look out here though is to make sure it is a pint and click, something that has a definate straight forward beam that pin pricks an area, not a room. I recently bought one off the net, ebay, for under 35.00. Try not to buy this cheaply, you get what you pay for.

The next Evp detectors, think small and hand held. he ones for conferences work wonders, make sure these little beuties are the ones that pick up sound when something happens, and not all the time. I do use them and got some cool sounds off of them, but again its not something to buy cheaply. Look everywhere for these, but instead of thinking investigations, think conferences. The good cheap ones here should run about 35.00- 40.0 dollars. The motion detectors are great for investigations, but their gimicky, not a must have, but if you have em they are cool. Look for battery operated ones, they should run about 5.00. 

All in all for beginning investigations, go cheap the whole thing could cost around 100.00. for starters, then build as you get into it further. I hope this answered your question…..


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