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Soul mate relationships continued

Posted by Brian on March 9, 2009

I have received many calls on soul mate relationships lately, for spring is in the air and with it love blooms. People are ready to get out and renew old relationships or gain new hope in an upcoming one. As such, people often wonder if the person that may be coming into their energy a soul mate.

Soul mates are also called twin flames. Why is that? it is due to them being equal in energy as we are to them. They have learned the same things at the same time, but more they are in equal in spirit. When these two reconnect, as they were at one time equal parts of the same soul, they will fuse together lessons learned. As such, these two, although meeting in each life, do not get together relationship wise until each is ready to move forward into the next step of learning, not needing to be reincarnated.

Now as just said these two will meet in each life, usually to move the other into a different path of learning. The soul mate also can come back as anyone, any person, any age, any race. They will always change your life in a drastic way, for the best and usually in a spiritualistic manner. When you meet them, it Will be like seeing yourself. Sparks of old life’s may rekindle, love stronger than life will be immanent. You will be awoken spiritually in ways you only dreamed were possible. This will last for any amount of time, but not forever. thus these two being in a relationship, unless your an ascended soul, will be near impossible.Not a good thing to hear, well it gets some what better. Because, there are such people out there, for lack of a better term, I call soul matches.

Soul matches are people we meet in each life. People on the same path we are, for they have started and end with us their paths to the almighty. Thus when we meet them, they will seem very much like our soul mates. though different, they are equal, but still on a learning curve. Thus there will be arguments, there will be fights, and feeling hurt. In soul mates where there will be none, for each is spiritually above that, in soul matches the fights will happen, but as each has reached a level of understanding, they wont last long and will often be forgiven quickly. Soul matches will also be learnt in life as much as in spirit, so always there will be a lot of common beliefs between them. But, they are still learning so even there it wont be exact. Don’t fret, each will connect and learn from each other peacefully and gracefully. This is a long term relationship once met and built upon.

Now for the last, relationship that I call life. Where people meet, have some common trait and or characteristic, but more likely are rushed together by some outside source. Whether it be money, society, or what ever, these two will come together in a momentary sense of love. Love, as in the earthly form rather than in the soul searching, spiritual sense. These two will fight, and at times often, for they are both on a pathway of learning that do not connect to ones an others as well as thought at first. If these two fight it will often be harsh and severe, often unforgiving. Almost always if these two are together for longer than five years, its because something else is keeping them together.

So this type of relationship wont work? It can, and at time does, but more often that not, not… If it is to work out look to being patient with each other as they learn, lean on each other when things get tough, often it gets tough for one and then the other, be there not only in body but in spirit, in love, and inspiration. Try not to force your beliefs or ideals upon the other, for each is not learnt, but learning in one area or another. Be patient while they learn for this is often also a learning area for oneself. Try doing things together, if not what you want to do then what they like, try to make it a meditative time for both together to be one. Get your hands dirty, not sit and watch sports on TV, but garden or make something. For there is symbolism in this making or birthing of something new that will also give a rise to the relationship. Get connected to spirit… If as last resort things don’t work out, and you do part, know that each has grown in some way. Look for that growth and appreciate it, this gift does come from God, even though it wont immediately feel like it.


One Response to “Soul mate relationships continued”

  1. letters2soulmate said

    when i think of soulmates, i think of real love- the kind that makes life feel eternal, transcending all rationality

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