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Psychic Readings-Time

Posted by Brian on March 12, 2009

I have been recently asked why I cant predict an accuratedate with each reading?

For the naysayers, which there are aplenty, there isn’t a good answer. But, for those of a spiritual sense, and readers that includes you, the answer is cause everything happens in Gods time, not ours. I always ask for a sign when I’m looking for a date, whether it be a party(balloons), or spring (snow melting), etc.  this to me symbolizes a time, but not a specific time nor date. Even though some say they can and have seen a date or time, these (even to them), often happen. For each time or date they give, they more than likely have given someone, or themselves, an inaccurate one.

The reason this happen lies in that Gods time does not co exist with ours. A minute in our time could be several hundred in his. Your guides, angels, and possibly (if mediumizing) spirit, gives you this information in his forms. If the date has past, it can be more accurately seen, rather than predicted in the future, because they’ve been there. Also these spirit people can look into your own future, but can not always look into another persons, for sometimes they ned to go through a lesson before their desired position can arise. Thus as a reader I cant predict, always, a desired date nor time. But I can come close by the feelings and images they present to me.

Now can this strengthen? Absolutely, by working closer to your spirit people, working with them as they are meant to be, teachers and guides. Then their symbolism will build stronger, making it more easy for you to see a more formed time line. But, when first working with them it is Best to ask for images to be presented as symbolic of your meaning behind the date. July 4th-fireworks, your birthday-you receiving a party. In this way the date will come to you, and in turn to the people that are being read.

As far as what I mean by a lesson needing to be learned. As a reader people ask me why something that I told them didn’t happen. Perhaps, lets pretend, I told you that there would be contact between you and your removed ex by the end of the week. You then reply “I’m not going to call him, and I’m not going to answer any of his calls” well then hows he going to call. Right there, instead of allowing things, that spirit is telling me will take place, to take place-you remove yourself totally from that energy. Of course it wont work, you just made it so it wont work, if you allowed things to go naturally it most likely would’ve occurred just as advised.

Life isn’t a straight path, its a path with many turns, if your pointed down one path and abruptly ignore, changing direction from the path shown, of course the reading will be incorrect, for you just made it so. Does it mean it wont happen, not always, for most of the time it will happen when its ready regardless. But in Gods time not yours, if you change the events then, as stated earlier, there was a reason, more than likely a lesson to be learned before things can take place as the reading indicated. Thus if getting a reading, and don’t listen, doing something to not take place as it at the time was meant to happen, dont blame the reader. Look at it as a learning lesson called Life…

I hope this helped-as always please feel free to send comments or questions to


One Response to “Psychic Readings-Time”

  1. Carolina said

    This was very helpfull. I expecially like how you describe how we should open ourselves up to what messsages or time lines are spirit guids are trying to convay to us. To many times we just want a straight out answer but thats not how the universe is. There are messages in daily signs around us but we have to be more open to them. Crazy Example, The other day I went to fill up my gas tank, First my debit card would not work, than I tryed my credit card. Yes it worked. Than the lid on my gas tank wouldnt open, and all while Id gotten this strong feeling dont fill your tank, your luck the car is going to finally go kaput.I egnored the signs and feelings and filled my tank. I got less than a mile and my car rumbled and died. I had it towed to find out the nest next the Engine block cracked. Car totaled. This has happend to me many times but I’v at times egnored the signs. I ask my guides for direction and the same thing, I’v had a hard time distingwishing between what my guides are telling me and what I want and think I’m hearing. This is something I’m hopeing to learn.

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