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Our newest investigation was a great success

Posted by Brian on April 15, 2009

Last week we investigated a local home deep in the woods in the city of Columbus OH. There were 5 people in all that were invited for this investigation. All were from our local meet up group. We were called in by the homes residents due to noises and images they have supposedly seen of a little old woman. We showed up there and were greeted happily by the homes residents. Getting there at around 7 we quickly set up cameras and audio recorders, unfortunately my night shot video cam was a wash due to it being in the shop. Though with the camera we did have some mighty odd experiences. In this home the family was seeing the apparitions in a hall which ran from family room to the kitchen. This hallway was very long and this, having only a small window area in the middle of its stretch. This is where we picked up most of everything that was caught that night. personal-pictures-024personal-pictures-025personal-pictures-023personal-pictures-0251in these photos one can indeed see an outline of an older woman on the right hand side of this hallway, also if one to look way to the back where the fireplace sat one may possibly see the hind quarters of a dog. We didn’t have a dog with us at the time, though we did know of a dog dying on the property. Also in this exact spot we used up 6 sets of batteries by trying to capture a forward facing picture. Each time we went to take a picture the batteries would immediately die, not unusual on some trips. Even though these were new batteries- it is known that spirits will try to take the energy from what ever source possible to materialize. We also did capture a few odd footsteps on evp. However these will be added at a later time. Our next trip will be taking place very soon and im hoping more folks from the local meet up group will come along once again.


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