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Its october and a good time to remember the homeless

Posted by Brian on October 1, 2009

I a few years ago lived on the street during this time of year and much later into the winter. Most think ppl on the street receive a good deal of help and as some may, not all are so lucky. Here in Ohio, when I was out there, we only received a few handouts and only if you were at the right place at the right time. If you were one of the unlucky ones youd freeze. There were many time I froze and wanted to just go some place and hide-even jail would’ve been better that freezing. This thought was a constant in my life through that horrid winter and autumn.

This is why I am asking pleading to many through the holiday season to count your blessings and even more give to those that may need it more than ones self. Socks, shoes and blankets this time of year are most needed out there, for many that are out there go with only what clothes they where. Though I speak of my own experiences, there are plenty of ppl to back me on this. While others, once again deny it-not everyone out there is crooked.  though dont get me wrong there are some, look around and follow your instincts-your gut feelings. If you know of a local shelter or homeless mission, please call them and ask to see if theres any needs they may have. Im sure none will be lead astray or away…..

Also for my local mission we are in deep need for socks, shoes and blankets-so if your local ill pick up and deliver

Thank You


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