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A little thought on negative energy

Posted by Brian on October 20, 2009

After a long battle in my head with both beast of want and need I discovered I often become irate at the little things. I nearly ever act out on these, but always grimace to the point of wanting to. After going to bed after one such incident, one in which I couldnt get my son to do what i wanted him to-not what he wanted, even though it was in his best interest I dreamt of many things one such was a gift. This gift is what I wanted to write upon today..

I learned through this dream that not all things, in fact very little is in our control. The incident was one such instance of things I could not change, even though I wanted to and badly. He is his own person as well as everything out of ourselves is of its own self. Even though is of Gods loving energy-each and every thing is separate and thus out of our control. Does this mean we shouldnt work with it nor groom it to be the best it can be -nigh!

But instead of getting upset I learned to step back from this situation and instead of putting it as me-replace it and treat it as its own entity. Meaning stop trying to control the uncontrollable. But, make it work through its own cognizance. For instance if he doesnt want a bath right then and there, then when does he want one? Instead of telling them to do chores and getting upset then and there cause you’re trying to control it-stop! and advise that it needs to be done and your not doing it. But, it must be done by whom ever by the time the night is done. If not consequences will come….. Things like these, even though these happen regularly around here happen every moment of every day elsewhere. And always it sends someone into a rage of discontent.

This too is a form of giving in and giving god, for god is all things and in time all things will be done. At time when it is very difficult to step back from the circumstance that the event is unfolding this is when one must know-absolutely know all thing but thy self are not controllable. Step back, realize it, meditate momentarily and then step back into the problem-hopefully seeing it in a different light. Try this as if in a third person perspective also seems to help me, also remember all things come when they need to not when you want them to and thy will be done in Gods time, not thine..


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