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Ever flowing living love

Posted by Brian on November 28, 2009

I feel a repost of this post seemed necessary. Think of energy as an easy-going stream of unconditional love. Now think of it as a steady warm unstoppable flow of warmth and compassion. This is how I believe life is meant to be run and the goal is to keep that stream, which would be life, ever going as it is meant to be regardless of what may come in its path. The goal in doing this is to think of this stream of unstoppable energy as warm relaxing water. Life throws this water inconsistent and uncontrollable obstacles every minute of every day. As a human one can stop them from coming, but can control how one acts to them as they arise. By keeping in constant love and trust that God and energy have a course and that all things happen for a reason, many times unbeknownst to us why the reason may be, one can learn through meditation and letting go and letting god help this steady river of love flow. It is when we react to things hastily and out of sorts that this makes waves and stress in the flow. This also causes stress and illness. Not all things are controllable-in fact most aren’t. But by controlling in rash and haste one only seems to harm ones self and disrupts the path that could possibly have been easily followed. Energy attracts like energy. Try running a simple faucet with water and trying to control it with your hands, it can’t be stopped-the water only changes paths. Try attempting it smooth and in love it eases the flow, try it in haste and out of frustration and watch it splash. This is just a thought for a day-think about it and let me know how it works. Think of this energy again as water and see if it gets dammed or flows easily along clear of clutter of your home or self. Now take that tidbit and direct it into a living environment. Look around to how things are arranged in and of the home. Can things be moved to have this ebb of life flow easier and smoother, can things be done by the people of said home to a loving and less stressed atmoshpere-keeping in mind that like energy attracts upon itself. If things are noticed please write them down and state them, for by saying it out loud it is asking for godly help. And please write them here for others to possibly give ideas on how to help you.


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