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Psychic gifts and Spirituality

Posted by Brian on January 16, 2010

 A question was overheard in a class I took a few days ago, that I would like to answer here. The question was do people become psychic? If so how? Does each of us have different psychic gifts?  

On a spiritual stand point and after being on the other side of life and receiving a few answers I believe I can help with these questions and possibly a few more, but would also love your insight…   

We were all born of God from God through God. We are all minor mirror images of our father. Thus, we do have many of his unique qualities. If we just open our hearts and minds to him all our gifts will begin to open. Psychic gifts are just one of them. How we do this opening is to lose a one life, real world type of thought and know this life of the real world is one of our creation, it is not the real world. 

The real world is that of which you singularly make it, whether you open your hearts to the Spiritual or life or lie somewhere in the middle of both. It is up to you; to me I know that the real world of a spiritual life lies within. The world of spiritualism is not a here place it is a now place. It is a place of pure love, light and begins with in one’s self. It isn’t a place such as another world, galaxy or star. It is here such as we are-it exists with our own, but on a different energy level or plane of existence, the plane of pure love for everything and all things. We are spiritual beings walking a human existence-we are God like beings with many like gifts as the father-with exception of life creation.  We are the creator of art and vessels for only he can truly pour the gift of life. 

Thus, we are born highly gifted beings. We have the gifts known to man at this time as psychic gifts, but it for us to open to them naturally. It is not one gift such as empathy-psychic sight-mediumship. It is one gift, but different levels of that one gift; we have them all. It is our gift from God; we were given them naturally through our creation. For, at our creation we have all come from the oneness of Him- our father, God.   

Then how do we grow in our gifts? Trusting in him and ourselves is a must. Know what we are and who we are. Know that these lives were living, isn’t our life. Our life is larger than this. Our life’s last longer than 60 to 80 yrs. All that knowledge is in us, but we must first see it through meditation, visualization or at times even the meeting and growing from like kinds. If you want to open spiritually don’t stay around people who only exist in the here and now. Like energy attracts like energy.   

So, how do we grow in our gifts? Open to the knowing of God in us and through us, for we all are his children. Know that it is neither one gift, nor a gift at all-it is our natural state of being. If one believes in the theory of angels then-know we are all Gods angels. All are at different levels of understanding; some may not want to understand at his time of their life. But, know we are all his children and that these lives were living is actually a hiatus from our true existence. In time it will be on earth as it is on our home existence of heaven.


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