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Heavenly Message from Angelic Guides

Posted by Brian on January 17, 2010

The article on angel messages was very helpful. I especially like how you describe how we should open ourselves up to what messages or time lines are spirit guides are trying to convey to us. To many times we just want a straight out answer but thats not how the universe is. There are messages in daily signs around us. People need open their minds when messages come.

Crazy Example, The other day I went to fill up my gas tank, First my debit card would not work, than I tried my credit card. Yes it worked. Than the lid on my gas tank wouldn’t open, and all while Id gotten this strong feeling don’t fill your tank, your luck the car is going to finally go kaput.

I ignored the signs and feelings and filled my tank. I got less than a mile and my car rumbled and died. I had it towed to find out the nest next the Engine block cracked. Car totaled. This has happened to me many times but I’v at times ignored the signs. I ask my guides for direction and the same thing, I’v had a hard time distinguishing between what my guides are telling me and what I want and think I’m hearing. This is something I’m hopeing to learn


One Response to “Heavenly Message from Angelic Guides”

  1. kiran said

    very very true!!! can relate. Try this out – it will help u learn to connect better with ur angels or guidance:

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