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Divine Foods

Posted by Brian on January 18, 2010

I recently received a comment from someone quoting that he was a mystic. Great! Good to have you.

 Am very happy that people from all walks of faith join me, however he asked about what types of food were on the other side, for someone has told him that people in the afterlife were breatharians. Meaning these people can survive by only feeding off the energy of air.

I say this is great, not sure about how healthy that is. But, many people I know do far worse. They eat foods at fast food restaurants; they eat foods fried in false greases. This too is great if you like it. However, I’m not sure about how healthy that is neither.

What I have seen from the other side of life. People do neither of these things. Yet, I’ve been told by spirit that it isn’t what you eat but how you eat it. There are so many chemicals in our waters and foods that it should be blasphemous. If you like them again, great! But love what you eat because you are what you eat.

Food is energy and empty food lies in empty energy. Energy attracts like energy regardless of its source. Thus, on the other side things are fresh and wholesome. Untreated fruits and vegetables, wheat’s and grains of the freshest choice and water from the God land is what lies in wait for us in the other side.

There are no chemicals; there are no fluorides or metals. Only here will you find that, in almost everything we eat or drink. If that is what you like, again-Great! For, especially in the states it is very difficult to find fresh vegetable, fruits and waters. Even the stuff we think is fresh-usually isn’t. By the very fabric of the plant being here it is swallowing the chemicals from the air and the metals from the land these things lay on.

Whether or not meat on the other side is eaten, I have not seen.  I didn’t see anyone partake of meat. But, if you like meat great! But, love it because it is your creation. God breathed life into it. But, you created the vessel. If you would eat the art you drew or the child you made-Great! Love the texture, the feel for that is life you’re eating…

 I have  been told and saw that they do though eat.  They do not only survive on air alone.

I was advised by spirit that too many here take what they get for granted. I have seen many scarf what they get and throw the rest away.

Too many companies throw things in the trash when it could be handed out to the needy.

All things, even food must be loved and given the energy one would give to any other living thing. For, food is alive and water is the breath of life. Neither of these things is a given.

We must love all things as if it were ourselves.  For everything we breathe, see and eat are connected…Ty


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