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Indigo/Crystal Children

Posted by Brian on January 18, 2010

As ive stated in my inside pages all of us here on earth are equal portions of God-like energy. We all learn and die, go to heaven and are reborn. We never die, for if there are angels we are they. We do not have to progress into the light to become angels. All of humanity, all of us, regardless who or what we are-are angelic beings.

Dependant on our beliefs we are all angels. We may be all called something different dependant on those beliefs, but to me an angel in any other light is still and will always be an angel. We were all sent here to earth countless times prior to the now. Yet, many of us only partially, if any at all remembering our past lives. Does this mean that we didn’t have one.

No, we have all lived here at least once before. It is our life path to remember them and move beyond any chains that continue to bring us back. This so-called life were in is not life at all. Our true life lies with our father, God.As such we could and probably should call this life, in the here and now, a school of sorts. We are here to learn to love regardless of color, region, disability or color.

Once we learn through our many lives here and in other places, we move forward from our chains of karma and return to the otherside. Once we have moved beyond each and every one of us will become a guide. It is a gradual evolution from there, guide, to master guide and so on. There are many steps before were able to go back to the side and the rejoining of the father.

Many times people who are able to move beyond this life choose to come back. Just because we’ve graduated from here into guide hood doesn’t mean we have to move on to that next step. In fact many choose to come back.

They come back not to further their love, learning or karmic reasons. But, to share love and to help others move beyond their own limitations. These ascended beings are what many call crystal, indigo or similar type children.

 Even some name these children developmental disabled or delayed. Which horribly titles these loving beings into groups. These groups then remove these children from their reason for being, to love and to teach. These children, many now adults, come mainly to help but because of their differences get shunned.

Again these children are not here for themselves, they are here for the further advancement of humanity.

These children are here to advance us in love, in patience and understanding. Many times people who are or get involved with them move forward from religious confines and into the spiritual light. Meaning they open their hearts and their minds more than any four walls can hold.

 Crystal children seem to show and assume more love in and of themselves than many normal children at that age should or could hold. Many speak to angels, for they are truly walking in more than one world.

Many can tell you of heavenly events and things that have happened before their true time on earth. Know this is a work from God. This is not their imaginations, this is not their make-believe world.

Know this, understand it, work with it. They are not here for them, but here for you and all of civilization. ~Godbless 


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