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What happens to children when they go to the otherside?

Posted by Brian on January 19, 2010

  Thank you for this great question. I have had several near death experiences and can only speak of them and what I saw, but I saw a lot and remember more each day.

 As I have said throughout my blog and radio show, when I got thrown back into my body a lot of what I saw was seemingly stripped from me. I believe the reason this happened was because I had to find out for myself what I needed to know. I did this through awakening to the Godhead in meditation and prayer. Through many years of experiences I truly believe I can help you with this question.  

 What I viewed was people of all ages. Just as it is here, people and families or groups of people lived and played together. These groups on the other side were of all ages including children. Children played as they have during life here among us. They each had friends, for one cannot go to the other side without feeling and knowing love.  

 Years on the other side go by at a much different rate than they do here; they do not continue linear paths. Each child over the age of one goes through school as they do here only learning different subjects. Instead of math and English per say they learn love and faith, they learn their history with the father-God and how all things are one. This way they grow closer to God not further from.  

 Babies that go back to the other side are quickly taken up in the arms of a nurturer. This nurturer could be a family member from earth, but not always. The nurturer is someone who’s known this soul longer than the ones on this side have. All Children get nurtured.  But, I see babies and tottlers nurtured more tenderly than children of older ages.   

  Each person regardless of age has been through many lifetimes. Each lifetime people draw to a certain type of group-A spiritual family. These families envelope everyone present that has been with that group before. This unity and these people are the care takers of the children.  

 Our deceased relatives are there and at times present. It is not their path to take care of children they may have known on this side of life. Each person reconnects with his or her social group.  Each group has their own children that they must take care of. These groups and people have traveled with these children countless times before. These children are their watch.  

Each child plays as they have done countless times before, though there is no electricity in heaven. Thus video games and TV are a thing of the past. Instead their play time involves things such as nature and arts. Each child has different things they like to do. Some fish and release some catch butterflies, even more like to play hide and go seek. For, there is a huge new safe world to explore.  

 At night when the skies go dark each child is taken by their spiritual family into a lovingly warm home. There each child had their own rooms, their own beds. If you were a baby ot totteler, you’d have someone who gently nursed you at night. The older slept close to the elders but by themselves. Each house felt a warmth and compassion so loving nothing seemed to compare.

 Each child was much-loved and was of the same age when they arrived there as they were when they left here. Children seemed to grow up quickly. They grew in their understanding of love and they kept learning till it was their time to return to this realm. I hope this helped…Ty



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