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Are there rules in heaven?

Posted by Brian on January 21, 2010

I was asked this by one reader and believe I may be able to answer it. Through meditation and my experiences through life after my body left here. I have seen and know of no written rules. There are however rules in heaven. These rules are not followed because they have to be. But, because one wants to follow it

The rules are simply love.

When there is love in the heart, love in the air we breathe and the things we do- there is no need for rules. Once we go to the other side we become the spiritual beings we truly are. Does this mean that every thought, every illness and sickness in the body and mind are removed-No!

When we go to the other side of life to our true self’s, we are who and what we are. But, as it is on earth all energy of the self and beyond attracts like energy. This is one reason when one truly dies they are met by someone who has died in their past or a guardian. Once they are met on the other side a long progress goes out to reach and heal with that person in solitude.

The length of this solitude Depends on how a person died and how progressed this person is when they left here. Not in thought or intelligence, but in heart-love and compassion. Now, when I say solitude do not think of a jail. For, this person has many people that lie in wait to help them in any way possible. If one is sick they are taken to full health. If they are weak they are given strength. This all happens in a vast area, so they’re no binds or bars to hold a person behind.

However, a person cannot walk freely in the beyond among the people till the adjustment of mind and body take place.  Once this takes place and they revert to their true spirit form-they then are free to roam. For, they are then set free to walk in their truest form. The form of true love and compassion.

So are there rules in heaven. No, no real written laws but the one to be of your truest self. There however is one unwritten law and that is love. Love everything and everyone. Co-exist, love and care to ones fullest extent.  Be one and be welcomed to a place where there are no more wars, no more disease of mind or body. No more pain of any kind…   This is the law!!!


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