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Do Spirit Guides Give Psychic Information?

Posted by Brian on January 21, 2010

Great question Ty for asking

Can Spirit guides give Psychic information is a two-fold question. Does it mean can we get how to open psychically by help of our guides or does it mean can spirit guides connect with us psychically? The answer to both is the same-Yes, without a doubt on both accounts they can.

I will answer the first of this two-part question now and the other part at another time.

Guides do help us connect with our self psychically. Not, by giving us answers but by waking us up to our true psychic or spiritual form. Guides and angels are there not to give us ego or answers but to lead us to the answers them selves by showing us the way. They do come and speak , and help in many ways but you are already psychic by being open in who you are. A spiritual being living a human existence.

Really, lets face it if you weren’t at all open to spirit and things outside ones self would you even be asking such a question or believe the answer when you get it? I have been lead to many answers about people and things by guides and so have a great many others.But, I have never been advised straight out by a guide someones name or anything else about another person.

Now, I have however gotten messages from spirit. But, these spirits are often people who we have lived with in this life or some other one. These are the spirits that can help you psychically. I hope this helped!!?


One Response to “Do Spirit Guides Give Psychic Information?”

  1. It is worth noting that some guides are more helpful than others. Many (although not all) spirits were folks on earth before dying and becoming spirits, and, while becoming disincarnate can give you a certain amount of perspective that you didn’t previously have, dying does not automatically make you enlightened, wise or good (especially if you weren’t any of these things before).

    For this reason, when dealing with spirit guides, it’s a good idea to use your instinct and common sense when deciding whether to follow their advice, just as you hopefully would when meeting new people on this side of the veil. Getting a gut instinct that a particular guide’s advice is not for you?- trust your intuition and look before you leap.

    Spirit guides can truly help us, but it’s important to get your guidance from those with your best interests at heart. Use your head and your intuition.

    Hope that’s useful


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