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Intuitive guru’s ETEACH methodology

Posted by Brian on January 25, 2010


ETEACh is a simple system in which if one is open to energy they can transform their life into whatever they want as long as it goes with the energy of GOD>for god is the energy we light workers work in and for. 

 ETEACH methodology simply means Energy=Thought=emotion=Action=creation=having your hearts desires  

It starts out simply by putting or own wants outside ourselves and trading them with purpose driven need. For, God will answer every need and move aside every want. Want does nothing for the spirit but teach ego and make superego wonder and in turn feel guilty for the needs of the body. 

Second go to a quiet place. This quiet place can be anywhere, for it is not an outside place. It must be found within.  

Even if outside or in public our private place lies within and can be easily accomplished. When possible relax and go within-find peace and open your heart. Start meditation with an open mind. Allow energy to move from your spirit to God and back with an open mind. Let it move freely, peacefully.

Do this so that wants of the body release and needs of the heart and soul arise.  Feel this connection as an ever-growing cycle of energy. In this energy there will be born creation through Gods will

Energy is simply going within to your serene place and letting Gods connection flow. We are all equal parts of God.  “We are spiritual beings walking a human existence”  “We are Angels”… 

Thought our brain works very quickly to pickup energy from God for it works through our sacred connection with him, spirit to spirit. We all have something to learn or a job to do while here on earth, This sacred connection will allow our bodies to be vessels for Gods work.

If during this process ones thoughts turn self  gratifying it isnt God, but ones own ego, release it. We were sent here to learn and reconnect to the source of our father. Thus, if at any point thought turns to the self release it. The thoughts we should be connecting with here in this process are pure love and understanding not self-fulfilling prophesies.

Emotions how one feels about something as it refers to one’s self. When open to spirit these emotions are pure and loving. They are not often felt to be self gratifying but felt for the betterment of humanity… These emotions though can often change to one of negativity if one fights and isn’t ready to submit to the work of the lord, our father. Either way this energy and emotion quickly changes to action… 

Action how we take in what we heard and or felt and put it to use. Action can be any one of the senses. Touch, sight, speech, etc. Always what we feel comes out into some form of action. With this action one must remember that energy attracts like energy.  No matter what we do at this point will cause something to be created… 

Creation is what our emotions and actions have thus far done to form some kind of energy being brought from us outward to the light of the world. Once creation takes form, no matter in what action, it cannot be taken back. Always what we create causes reaction in something else. It doesn’t need to be heard or felt by another in order to take flight… 

Having all your needs and often all your hearts desires met… 

 This in no means refers to I want a million dollars or a Lamborghini for unless written or predestined to help others it is a want not a need. GOD grants all needs


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