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“What age will everyone be in Heaven?”

Posted by Brian on January 26, 2010

 Ty reader-Great Question  

Why would spirit beings need to do that? Why would they worry about their age?  

What I saw during my 3 different times on the other side through near death experiences is that people are all different ages. Once we revert back to our true angelic forms of spirit there is no need to worry about such silly things as age. We are what we are…  

Though our bodies age quickly our soul’s age differently, often as slow as snails and at times very quickly. Though the body dies our soul lives on forever as a white light especially once we reconnect to the God source.  

On the other side there were children, babies and some elders but most were definitely in their middle ages. They looked to be around the ages of 30-40 yrs. However not everyone reverts back to a certain age. We stay our true spirits age not the age of the bodies we once lived in. but by no means do we magically revert to a younger age, unless of course we want to.  

Yes, being angelic and of free will-we can at will revert to any age we want to. But, why would they?   

One cannot just be let go to wander the other side of the veil. Before one is able to walk freely they’ve been guided and advised by their counsel of peers-People they always traveled with throughout time. Once guided all their troubles and problems are put to rest, Age being the least of our dealt with ones.


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