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“What is Limbo?”

Posted by Brian on January 26, 2010

  Great Question-Ty readers 

Limbo is where we go when we die. It is neither here on earth nor is it yet in heaven. 

Limbo is where we come out of the tunnel. We only stay for a short period of time before moving forward beyond the golden gates and shown the world of Gods and angels. But, time in limbo is very important.  

 During the time in limbo we are readjusted to our true spiritual forms. There we are counseled by our following of peers to let go of things from the past.  For, many who go to heaven are often confused and disoriented. Many do not know they’ve gone on or are afraid to go on because of the things they left here on our side.  

Limbo is not a white light or at least I didn’t see it as such. There seemed to be a whole suburb of the bigger city. It wasn’t a place to be afraid of but a thing of beauty for it held all of heavens essence, which made it easier for attunement to the new reality.  

It is where we are groomed and protected while or fears of the life we left are made less and our life’s there are remembered more. It is a place where we become wholly spiritual beings.  

Imagine if we all of a sudden awoke from an 89 yr nap and found ourselves in a new unforeseen world. Imagine if all of a sudden in a blink of an eye we remembered all our past lives. What if we remembered two different lifes or bodies, feeling each of them upon us like skins? What would our minds go through without help?  

This is why limbo exists and why each of are guided there. Limbo-a lesson, a sanctuary, a place of peace and love… Ty


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