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How Does someone Connect and work with their Spirit Guides?

Posted by Brian on January 28, 2010

A simple meditation is one recognized way to contact your personal Spirit Guides. Meditation is simply the process of calming your thoughts enough to be able focus on one particular problem. One problem or situation at a time should be worked on at each meditation, the reason being is that many get jumbled answers with more than one Q and right now we’re just focusing on spirit guides first contact.

Spend fifteen minutes a day just relaxing in calm thought. Stilling your mind will be the most beneficial aspect for contacting your Spirit Guides. Yet, most at first cannot keep thoughts quiet. This is often called a monkey mind due to the minds endless chatter of thoughts and ideas.

Thus, the first key to being able to quiet the mind is finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Try to make it a special place that you can have to yourself every day, uninterrupted.

Once this place is found it is essential to use it every day at the same time, if possible. In this way you should be able to train the mind into a quiet relaxation. I also in this quiet place put things that help me relax such as soft music smell such as incense and low softly lit candles or lights.

This will help create that certain ambient experience that will also help you relax and quiet the monkey mind, at least to a soft roar.  

Once you find and create your meditative spot it helps to gently increase awareness onto your Spirit Guides and shift the attention away from the Earthly Plane, to quickly and often one may lose focus on the guide’s answers and create our own.

It also helps to possibly create a special place in your mind where you can meet your guides. Make this place special to you. Make it a place where you will want to leave the day’s events and escape into that inner peace.

This will be your sacred place. When you come here you will feel protected, safe and comfortable. This is a special place where the spiritual world meets the physical world – a place you have created with the power of your mind.

I have a special place that I call the summer lands in which I speak with my guides, angels and guardians. This is a simple visualization-meditation I use to converse.

As I begin to enter meditation I imagine a woodland path lit in soft sunlight. Trees lay all around it and sunlight filters down upon me through the leafy branches above. The air is warm.  A soft breeze blows surrounding me with a welcoming fresh smell of scented flowers.

As I follow the path it leads over a covered bridge, on the other side an image can be seen. As I near the bridge this figure becomes more and more seen. As I finally come upon the figure I can see he or they are my spirit guides.

As I get to him, he welcomes me to a table. On this table lie blank sheets of paper where I can write any questions and answer them as well.  Once I ask every question and get every question answered, we bid each other farewell.

As I turn to walk back to where I entered the pathway the wave’s goodbye and a feeling of peace like known ever felt embraces me. I know without a doubt this guide and many others will always be there for me to go back to when needed.

Now gently come back and write everything remembered down on a sheet of blank paper. If nothing is remembered do not fret, many cannot remember. You may have not relaxed enough, or you may have not been in a place mentally to hear the answers or see the guides.

The first place most see them if not in meditation is in dreams. Thus, I always suggest at this point writing any questions down on a sheet of paper. Place this paper under your pillow just before bedtime.

Once you’re ready to go to sleep, lie down and gently go into your special place. Fade into sleeping dreams making sure to follow that trail. Follow it to the bridge where you will meet your guides.

Once you awake try writing anything and everything down on a nearby blank notepad. Remembering that rather than hearing something, you might have gotten a feeling or a sensation of something. It is important to write it down, write everything down as you have felt it, heard it or seen it to the best of your ability.

 This will be the beginning for you. They may present you with a gift, or may speak to you by answering a question you have posed, or just some words of comfort or inspiration. If this is the first time of meeting, they may tell you their name. You may recognize this name, or you may not.

Practice connecting to your Spirit Guides at least once per day. Soon it will become easier for you.

Always upon leaving, thank your Spirit Guide for doing their job…


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