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Why do Guides appear in human form?

Posted by Brian on February 8, 2010

Spirit Guides present themselves in a way that will be acceptable to whomever they are there for. The Human form is what one easily recognizes, so they take on that form instead of one of the light being they have become.

I say become because they like us were once human. Though they have learned to live and go beyond the human guise as we all will. At that time the next evangelical level of spirit is the one of guide. Though there are many steps even after that one if they come back to earth for any reasons they will take the one we most easily connect with, the human form.

However, it is not just the human form they connect with us through. Some come in the forms of animals. These are no lesser being but it is one that some of us connect to more easier than the human. It is also easier for the guide to do whis or her reason for being is. See later post on spirit guide forms. Ty


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