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Do I need help from a psychic or medium to communicate with my spirit guide?

Posted by Brian on February 11, 2010


No one needs help from anyone else to see their spirit guides; everyone can do it with a little help. Some psychics and mediums can aid in teaching you how to see them, but it is ultimately up to you to see and communicate with your guides.  

Usually first spirit contact of any kind comes from people’s dreams or at other such times of deep relaxation. Once spirit connects with you to know if it is your guide or something else ask it question. If speaking out loud to your guide feels odd write questions out on a sheet of paper and set them aside somewhere. If these questions get answered that is your guides communicating with you.  

 If you don’t get an instant message do not give up keep trying. I have known many people who have tried to communicate with their guides that were getting imagery in dreams or when they first woke up. However these people wanted to hear a voice of some kind and weren’t looking for images or signs. As such they totally missed their first communications from guides and spirit.  

It is very important to acknowledge your guides whenever possible, even if you don’t first get the message-thank them. Through this they will come more often. When they come more frequently you will be shown more signs, it is an endless cycle of friendship working together.  

Do not be frightened when things begin to come neither. Have known many people that wanted to see their guides and communicate with them that will never get spirits messages. This is only because they really do not believe in spirit forms. Spirits will not show until you are open to receive them and they know it isn’t an ego questioning their existence.  

 It isn’t because they are not there, spirits are always around us, some come and go but guides are always there with and for you. At times they may be that little voice in your head and at others they may send messages through imagery. These images could be by any means such as images on your walls when you first wake up to having a special song come on when you’re thinking of someone or something.   

There are endless ways our guide speak to us that may not be seen at first, but know guides exist and they’re always trying to make contact. It is important to understand their there and acknowledge their existence. In earlier posts I have listed many ways to make first guide contact-please look them over. For often when you know your guides appearance and attitudes it is easier in some ways to know how they will communicate with you. When they talk-listen to them and give thanks for their guidance.  

Hope this helped good luck!!!


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