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Are animal totems the same as spirit guides?

Posted by Brian on February 13, 2010

Spirit guides may or may not also be totem animals. I have a spirit guide who comes to me as large black wolf. I also have an bear and crow that come as my totems not as a spirit guide. A spirit guide is a teacher with something to teach you. While a totem animal is often parts of you, they are also there to protect you throughout life as you travel through all of life’s learning experiences.

Your totems choose you before you enter this life much as a spirit guide, but they often only follow you through the one life cycle, where as spirit guides are often there through them all. Animal guides are given as protection, where totem animals are chosen to help you and remind you of a life path.

Many times also totem animals live in your vicinity there they will make often appearances in your daily lives. This is especially true if one wanders too far off their life course. Totems will appear as a special reminder to correct your stray and to get back on one’s life path.

 An animal guide may not be in your locale as they can appear also at times as mystical beasts such as dragons, hydras etc. When your guide makes an appearance listen to it clearly for they appear with specific messages. Guides will appear less often and usually only when there is a message to be told. As such animal guides may seem to leave a person for a very long time only to reappear in times of need.

Ones totem animals can change during your life as you grow and change your totem animals so may they change. People have many totem animals ranging from a polar totem-how you appear to the outside word to a bipolar totem how your life lessons have affected you inwardly. While others still line up in positions of inner qualities. As such they change when you change they change.

Sometimes you will have a name for your totem animal; this is not a must for they at times do not like to be named. However if you must they will tell you what it is. Your animal guide is a different story. They will and can be named for they are there for you always, when it is time they too will let you know their name. When an animal guide accepts you and appears to tell you their name, remember it, for that from then on is how they will want to be named. When they are named they then can be called upon in times of trouble.

However, your guide is a guide and is or may not always be there as the totems may be. Guides often have people that they share and things they too must do. So, do not be afraid when they seem to have taken off. Also, even though they can be called upon when they give you their names they do not always appear and if you abuse their reason for being will often appear less and less often. Thus it is best to honor them as a higher being of light.

A totem is one of your own many faces. That is why some people call them “familiars”. Totems are always there and do not run. They are there as outer parts of your being. As such name them if you must but it is not necessary. Do not be afraid nor will you feel afraid of your totems unless you are afraid of yourself, totems are extensions of the true you and will keep you on the right path if you stray. Notice their changes as they will change as you change and as such are life lessons there to keep one on their paths.

Spirit guides are helpers here to teach you intent, emotional control, knowledge and purity if you allow them to. Remember it is always your free will to learn or not to learn from them. They are with you to be honored not ignored, for they are also message bringer. They are to be reverend not as ego boosters, for if they feel this they will run until you learn to honor them and place them in their proper place as a higher form of guide.


One Response to “Are animal totems the same as spirit guides?”

  1. jennyleigh emery said

    Hi there yes a astrolager told me it might be good for me to contact my totem spirit guide, as I often feel over not so good spirits around me at times, so yes if you could let me know how i could go about getting in tuch with mine.
    it was a couple of new years ago at midnight when I was on the beach watching that iclipce2007 i think.
    that a fox came up to me and boyfriend but appeared more to me that was quite strange. I thought about my animal the over day and i visioned like a big tiger cat maybe that could be mine.
    cant wait for you to get back with to me

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