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Are Angels the same as spirit guides?

Posted by Brian on February 14, 2010

Angels or Guardian Angels are guardians in spirit while Spirit Guides are beings sent to guide us. Angels may come in a physical form while guides will never be physical, though they may show through physical means. Angels are direct expressions of God’s love that have been sent to us to help us in times of deep emotional or physical need.

 Angels are the highest form of pure love, while guides are still in stages of evolving to this very high level. Angels have already achieved their connectedness to spirit. In fact many angels may have not even been here on earth before, while all guides were at least in the human guise at least once.

Angels are sent to guide us only when times are at their lowest, while guides are always there to aid us.  Guides were sent with us in each and every life, everyone has more than one guide while they only have one angel. 

Guardian Angels have been with us before our first human connections have even begun. They have accompanied us through births and deaths and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in each and every life. Guardian Angels are committed to us for our entire journey of life – they never leave us. They will be with us when we leave this life and when we are born again. Guardian angels are there after we die and we are a soul in heaven.

Once in heaven guardian angels will be our council and our staff. They will aid us with the things we’ve learned in life and things we don’t yet understand. They will go with us through council of the elders and speak for us to the higher powers that be. They will also be the ones to assist us in designing our next step of spiritual evolution by helping us decide how, what and why to come back to the human form.

Angels will help choose which guides would be best used once were back as a human consciousness and be there by our sides once we leave there for here. They stand in the background in every life until their needed. They are ever vigilant and are never far away.

Saint Augustine said, “Make friends with Angels.” Treat Guardian Angels just as you would your dearest, most loving friends. Take your time to build a relationship with them. Remember they are there as your direct links to God and as such by getting closer to them you are getting closer to the source!


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