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fWho are spirit guides and where do they come from?

Posted by Brian on February 15, 2010


Spirit guides are beings, mostly beings like us that have gone from the physical to the spiritual realm. They are beings that have learned much and have finally gone beyond the physical world. As such they are higher beings than us.

However their evolution back to the realm of God has just begun, for although they have learned to live without the physical mind and body they must now learn to become a true form of unconditional love by giving of themselves without any form of need… 

There are many levels of spirit; most guides usually come from one of the lower ethereal levels. Of course this depends on which guide we are speaking of and to whom they have attached themselves to. Usually the higher the spirit here on earth the higher the level of spirit guide. Each spirit guide below the status of guardian angel was once human. As such each of us too will become a guide when our time here in the physical realm is complete… 

Spirit guides are always here to guide us on our spiritual pathways and protect us in times of need. People usually have five different types of guide each with their different reason for being. Though it is best to remember that people can come with more or less depending on their level of secular security before reentering this realm. Also it is a good to note that people with a high security of self and the fewer number of guides are people who are nearing their cycle here on the earthly realm… 

I hope this helped, please let me know Ty


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