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An answer to how to contact ones spirit animal?

Posted by Brian on February 17, 2010

 “Hi there yes an astrologer told me it might be good for me to contact my totem spirit guide, as I often feel over not so good spirits around me at times, so yes if you could let me know how I could go about getting in touch with mine.” 

Meditation would be the first place to look for messages and or appearances of a spirit guide and animal. However, I know many people who can’t meditate for long enough periods of time due to restless minds. Thus, I first tell people to seek their guides in their dreams. 

Dreams are times when most people can easily disconnect from this plane of existence to the astral world. If you can easily dream then I would suggest this method of spirit contact first. But, please continue to work on meditation for there are amazing healing and psychic qualities there also. 

Dream letter writing to ones spirit guide 

I always suggest if one can’t meditate then dream on it. Simply on a blank sheet of paper write any questions down. Write them so that their simple to remember. Place this paper under your pillow just before bedtime. If it is for your animal totem or guide make sure too plainly and fully state that in your question… 

Once you’re ready to go to sleep, lie down and gently go to sleep. As you feel yourself fading into sleeping dreams make sure you take your paper and question with you. Follow your dream where ever it may lead being fully cognizant of yourself and your question. 

Once you awake try writing anything and everything down on a nearby blank notepad. Remembering that rather than hearing something, you might have gotten a feeling or a sensation of something. It is important to write it down, write everything down as you have felt it, heard it or seen it to the best of your ability. 

 This will be the beginning of contact with your guides. They may present you with a gift, or they may speak to you by answering a question you have posed, or they just might state some words of comfort or inspiration. If this is the first time of meeting, they may tell you their name. You may recognize this name, or you may not. 

Practice connecting to your Spirit Guides at least once per day, for it may take a few days to make contact. If it takes a week do not give up. Soon contact will be made and in time this contact will become easier for you.


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