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Dream and how to initialize Spirit Guide contact from dreams

Posted by Brian on February 21, 2010


  1. While in meditation or relaxation, way before bed write a letter on what it is you’d like your dreams to help you with. Place as much energy and meaning into this letter as possible.
  2. Place this letter in a place where energy can not disrupt the energy with in it until it is time for bed.
  3. When it is time for bed place it under your pillow, then go to bed.
  4. While in bed, let the energy permeate your dreams and you should wake up with an answer to your question.


  1. When you are fully aware that you can reach the hypnagogic state, go to bed as normal and reach that point.
  2. Just before shutting your eyes for the night, within the hypnagogic state quietly ask the powers that be, within your head not aloud, your day’s biggest pondering question or desire.
  3. Then sleep as normal, you should wake with a answer. If you do not, try it again the next night. Don’t give up this may take several tries. Yet, when you get an answer you will see it in very vibrant reality-like visions and you will not question that it is your answer.

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