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Writing a Dream Journal

Posted by Brian on February 21, 2010


DO NOT GET OUT OF BED – do not get out of bed. Lie as still as possible while you grab the journal and begin to write> Your movements tend to move one into the conscious moment and forget the dream, so the fewer movements you make the better.

DO NOT TURN ON THE LIGHTS- If possible, do not turn on the lights to write in your journal. Turning the lights on brings oneself into the conscious level easier than any other movement.

The journal itself can be either very elaborate or as simple as a piece of paper in a 3-ring binder. The importance of the dream journal is not how good it looks, but that it and a pencil be close to the bed and easily within reach. It also is important to note that this is a DREAM journal, not to be used for any other reason than to record dreams. By keeping this journal specific to its reason it will become a reflex to use. And in time this book will become a great tool to aid in your personalized dream meanings.


  • Write the day’s date at the top of every page before retiring
  • Write everything noticed in the dream: colors, objects, sensations, everything remembered should be logged
  • Keep and write the days journal entry as if it were a present tense story
  • If you can’t remember all the dream then write about what you can remember, but keep an entry for every single day even if you did not dream
  • If you are in a hurry write just the things that seemed most important including the dream’s atmosphere
  • If possible draw pictures to describe your dream images
  • Do not try to decipher the dream on the day the dream took place. Log it and leave it, after a week or so go back and then check over the last weeks events. Look for any connections between dreams, such as repeated themes, objects etc…
  • Upon deciphering the weeks dreams it is important to not put pressure on looking for an outcome but to let the outcome/reason find you. The more pressure one puts into a dream meaning, the more we may put an answer to the dream that isn’t truly there.
  • Keep a place in the back of the book for creating your own private dream dictionary. One may choose to buy a dream dictionary, but it is important to note not to let the dictionary dictate your dream, be led by Spirit into whether the meaning matches your dream.
  • Finally, but very importantly, pay special attention to your dreams for any signs of anxieties or fears. If they are emerging it is best to work through what ever is causing them before continuing any form of dream working.

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