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Setting up ones Self and Space for Dreams

Posted by Brian on February 21, 2010

Preparing  for the Sleep

  • Mother was right! Drinking a warm, but not hot, cup of milk before bed can help ease one into the mood for sleep. If lactose intolerant, drink something along the lines of soy, rice or lactose-free milk if possible. Keeping it lukewarm not hot is the key. And it is ill-advised to drink caffeine, alcohol or teas before bed, for they may stimulate the body making it hard to relax.
  • Don’t go to bed until sleepy. If it is difficult to unwind try to read something creative (poetry, etc.) in order to calm yourself to a point of relaxation, not exhaustion. Television is NOT recommended for it dulls ones receptivity and may give you unwanted energies before bed.
  • Mentally review the day’s events in meditation way before bed in order to digest and get rid of the energies of the day. Dream time is not time to ponder life’s disruptions, so get them out-of-the-way before you begin to relax for sleep.
  • Taking a warm or hot bath before bed can help relaxes the body. The important thing is to absolutely relax to a meditative state, not to an exhaustive one for if one is overtired they have a tendency to wake when their head hits the pillow. When you are relaxed and cleansed put on your favorite freshly cleaned nightwear and retire for the night.



  • KEEP THE ROOM CLEAN-Cleanliness is next to godliness, it is hard to dream well if the energy is always having a difficulty moving around extra boxes, clothes, books. Clutter of any shape and size has its proper place and if it’s not neatly put in its place then you are asking for an improper dream night.
  • KEEP ALL ELECTRONICS OUT OF THE ROOM-electronics of any kind send out their own electrical energies and they don’t have the same reason for being that your dreams do. Your bedroom is for sleeping and healing ritualistically. The electronics are for entertainment, and often numb the senses.
  • BOOKS HAVE THEIR REASON FOR BEING-Written materials are written often by authors that give their words their power that energy is often picked up and is set into dreams. Thus, it is good to read but keep your bedtime reading to creative works, instead of horror, love, etc. AND when the book is done put it out of the way. Keep the place next to the bed for the designated dream journal area only.
  • KEEP THE CLOTHES OFF THE FLOOR AND YOUR WALLS BAREIt is best to keep your sleeping room for the relaxing things. Posters, pictures, things on the floor make it more difficult for the energy to freely move and are ill-advised.
  • NO STRANGE SMELLS-Leave the candles and incense out of the bedroom during sleep, the foreign smells can create a strange energy in the room and usually don’t aide in dreaming for the beginner. Once one is used to dreaming, however, scents can highly improve dream levels.

One Response to “Setting up ones Self and Space for Dreams”

  1. Anonymous said

    Perfect!Great! This helped so much! I’ve read several
    rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

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