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Does everyone known all their Spirit Guides from previous lifes?

Posted by Brian on February 22, 2010


No, not all spirit guides follow one person through each life cycle. Spirit guides and protectors are chosen before each life cycle dependant on what you are being sent back to carry out. 

However, spirit guides come in five different types and guardian angels and ascended masters are the exception to that rule. These two guides have not only been through each life cycle but often were with you before the cycles even started. 

These two types of guides follow groups or sets of people from life to life and are there to report to the higher being of God. Thus each follow through your life cycles keeping tabs on how things are and were done by you and your other fellow guides. 

These two different guides will also be there in heaven as they are sent and seen here in earth. Their goals are to get you to the next step of being reconnected to the god source through each and every step. As we will all be on the other side and be given the job of guide, they check those job efficiencies also. 

So when do your guides get chosen for you?  

They are chosen after everything else is done on the other side. After your judgment, after your new life goals are written and after your parents are chosen. But, not after you are already born as I’ve heard some other people and sites suggest. These guides are sent with you as watchers until the day you begin to recognize them. At that time their jobs to guide begin…


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