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Auric Shielding(Protecting The Aura)

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2010

Auric Shielding


  1. As we end the above meditation and get to the point of relaxation and divine feelings we will let the pure energy continue to flow from the crown to the earth. Yet, we will also begin to feel the earth giving her loving energies into us and flowing from chakra to chakra upwards totally grounding us as if rooted solidly to the divine and earthly goodness.
  2. Feel the earthly good surround around the heart chakra, yet envelope the wholeness o the body. As she fully surrounds the heart see it goes forward from there, sense it reach to a point outside the body about three inches in front of you.
  3. Once it is felt to be there seeing it begin to surround you with an egg like elastic shield of loving goodness. It is elastic for it allows one to move and be freely, it is egg like because you are now reborn in spiritual and earthly goodness and in being newborn you are being protected as such.
  4. Since we are human and living in an ever-changing society, the many negatives of life may face us, yet it can never penetrate the shield unless we let it. Though it can crush the shield next to us, it can always be pushed back to where it is liked. We control the shield and unless we let it, it can’t be broken.

Yet it is just a shield and in time one may want to release it for it is not always good to be shielded away from life. Thus, I suggest knowing it is there and visualizing it when the need may arise, but it is better to meet enlightenment and become fully centered in divine knowing. Soon, through meditation, dreams and research one will begin to see that life itself is but a dream that we can control. “We are spiritual beings living a human existence”.


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