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Grounding in the Divine

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2010


Once one is alert to the divine energy around them, they will need to begin training themselves in how to control how the energy can affect them. This can be done by grounding, and there are several grounding techniques using items from foods, liquids, gemstones.  Among my favorite techniques are meditation and working with the hands to create, for when we aren’t around tools, we can always unleash our true spiritual powers through mediation and creativity to connect with the divine powers that be. The object behind grounding is to simply channel our own energies and give them to something else, in sense solidifying our own positive energies and removing the negative or stagnant.

Things that can help us ground

Gardening-Get your hands dirty by working with reconnecting to the earth by helping her creates her beautiful essence.

Art-Working with clay, painting or even putting your words to paper can lift not only our spirits but ground our divinity in the now.

Exercise-Whether by jogging, sports or play getting active can leave the past and negative energies behind us and ground our true essence into the present.

Crystals-Crystals come from the divine energy of our planetary mothers thus they have the energy to not only ground but often heal if one is attuned to them.

Candlelight and incense-Our strongest senses are often our eyes and nose, thus we can often ground to the heavenly light brought about by soft glowing candles. And incense can connect us to the sense of divine smells, thus leaving behind worries and negative energies and ground us into the moment.

Foods- Tempt the taste buds with earthly purities, the more earthly pure the better. Yet, it is better to look carefully into the containment of packaging, for often what one believes to be pure is not. This one is often the more difficult for many people have been trained to “just believe” if so believe that this grounding method is best done by researching into what truly exists and not what has been told to us.

Nature-To just wake up and get attuned to natures loving essence whether it be by walking in the park or just sitting outdoors with a good cup of Joe, listening to the birds, feeling the smooth flowing breeze, opening the windows and smelling the freshness of divinely created air. Getting back to nature can just let the negative or stagnant energies of life flow from our bodies and bring in to us the free-flowing energies of divineness.

Meditation- Often by just sitting and being one can remove all negative energies and get to a place where one can bring in the positive and ground them into spiritual goodness.


A grounding meditation


  1. Sit with the back straight whether in a chair or on the floor, keep both feet with the soles firmly on the ground, place the hands in the lap and make you as comfortable as possible.
  2. As one shift into a comfortable place, just sit and be. Let the mind slowly close off to all sounds, smells etc. it may be impossible to shut things off completely, don’t worry about doing this, just be and relax.
  3. As you finally begin to feel relaxed feel a warm energy flow into your crown chakra and move slowly down the back hitting and attaching to each and every lotus flower, as it enters its petals feel any negativity energy change into divine energy.
  4. Let it slowly move from one chakra to the next removing with the flow all negativity, self-doubt, and ill-ease not only changing the energies but removing them from your body and attaching them to the energy that is moving down towards the earth
  5. As it goes from chakra to chakra let it free flow until it hits the first chakra where it will split and continue down the legs and into the chakras of the feet.
  6. As it gets to the soles of the feet it will root out from there as if one were a tree. Send your roots deep into the earth and feel all negativity and ill-ease leave your body. This energy will remain free-flowing and active as long as it need be and in doing thus leave you grounded and attuned to the divine energies.

One may always freely leave the meditation, and come back to it when needed. Yet, by returning to the moment the energy often changes from the divine we felt to the way they were before. There is a tool psychically used to help extend this divine period. It is most commonly called aura shielding. This shield is put up in defense to the negative energies that often appear in our daily lives that for some reason people often let get to them, and let attach itself to one and in doing thus change our energy levels in and around us.


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