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Healing and Repairing ones Personal Energy Field(Aura)

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2010

 Ones aura should be vividly bright, clear and unblemished. People who have such auras are noticed more, attract better circumstances to them and have often a better way of life. If an aura isn’t seen vivid clear their aura seems tense or blocked in some area then more than likely their life’s too are blocked in some fashion.

 Important to note that most people cannot easily see an aura or if they do most of these quickly dismiss it by passing it over, usually with the thought of poor vision or their eyes playing tricks on them. However, neither of these is true for if one cannot easily see an aura it can be easily felt as unnecessary tensions or love. It is best to note that everyone has and can see an aura by simply allowing themselves see it.

Once one sees and believes their aura is seen than it can be easily worked on. Follow the contour of the aura around the body and look for any blemishes or possible oddly shaped areas, as ones aura should be evenly egg-shaped around ones entire body.

Unfortunately many people have their Aura tinged and tainted with deep and dark colored streaks, blotches, shadows or patches. These unwanted blemishes in the Aura can come from traumatic events in past lives or emotional, physical or mental pressures in a present life.

Dark negative blemishes can and do affect your spirit and draw towards you further negativity. This becomes a vicious circle if you allow it.

If these are seen they should be noted in a journal and worked on by the individual personally. First by noting where the oddities lay and then why they may be present. Aura cleansing is a personal cleansing, though it can be done by a psychic or healer. If it is not followed on by the person who has the issue, the area won’t usually stay healed.

I am listing a few things that may lead to possible aura issues and some things that might help relieve the issues.

 Your Aura can be weakened by these factors

Poor diet (It is very important to keep a well balanced diet, not to high in sugars or caffeine’s)Lack of exercise (exercise every day as often as possible while not over doing it)

 Lack of fresh air (The great outdoors is an excellent healer and aura cleanser)

 Lack of rest (Design your room as such that energy easily flows and make it a place for sleep only, most make a bedroom for much more and often have televisions and computers in them. Electronics, except for a radio, should be placed in other rooms designed for them)

 Stress (add more meditation, relaxation in your life block out what you can and work out the rest)

 Alcohol (Some say alcohol can be healthy to the body if not over done, if done make sure it is as clean and pure and you wish your body and aura to be. One’s body is surely a temple allow yourself to represent it)

 Drugs (Drugs of any type will affect the aura and if possible should not be taken)

 Tobacco (Again the body is a temple treat it as you wish your temple to represent you)

 Negative habits (Most do not know what their bad habits are, as such begin to notice them and work on them. Remember though that no one is perfect. Try to work on narrowing habits down to just one and making it the lesser of all evils)

 Being around negative people (Like attracts like, be around those that bring out the best in you)

 Visiting the ailing (mentally or physically) or incarcerated (Makes visits short and work on your aura quickly after the visit by visualizing, cleansing, meditation etc.)


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