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The Aura(Ones Personal Energy Field)

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2010

I usually start people out with is a little exercise in seeing the aura to show that our chakra energy externally exists, I do this by showing them their aura in a mirrored reflection, in this way the aura is easily seen by the naked eye. It does involve a few simple tools: a mirror and a little backlighting.

First, set up a free standing mirror before you. Do not have it in a bright place and don’t have a light close to it, but place a dim light behind you. Make sure the light is just bright enough for you to see your image in the mirror. When you have the light right, look into the mirror at your image, and then begin to look beyond it. Lose focus of yourself, and let yourself see what lies beyond you letting your image fade into the backdrop.

As your image of yourself begins to fade, a faint image will appear, almost halo-like, around your visage. Some may see this “halo” in colors, others may not. The important thing is to notice the halo. This is your aura. Notice that this almost looks like a mist and not of a solid form. It is neither smooth nor rough, but is like the waves of gas on a hot summer night. It does envelope the whole self and one can see this simply by following the shape all the way around them as far as the mirror allows. As you look away you may also notice that all things carry an aura around them.

The aura is a force field-like energy that is created by our energy sources, which are known as the Chakras. Think of the aura as what you see around a bright light bulb after the light bulb is turned off. This aura is your personal divine energy and not only envelops you, but envelops and touches all things of this world. It also touches a light stream of energy which connects us to the source of all existence, GOD.

As we start to watch this aura which surrounds us and start to work with it, you’ll see that you can control the energy in you –and the appearance of your aura– by controlling your feelings. Notice the wave of energy almost heave along with your temperament. Notice how it grows outward further away or closer to your body. Notice how it thickens and lessens in density as you change your moods. Keep a log of these changes and what mood created them. This is important because as you notice the attitudes that enhance and lessen its existence and create and recreate the energy changes in yourself, you will begin to notice the auras of those around you. You can read another’s aura and learn how their auras tell their attitude, spiritual relativity and ultimately health. Yes, one can see a person’s health and inflictions through the sensing of auras. With practice, you will also notice that the shades seen in the aura are darker and lighter, and may begin to show slight colors. The colors each represent different aspects and personality perspectives. The colors vary but mainly cover the same outline.

In the healthy person the aura should appear clear and vibrant, while in the ill or dis-eased it may appear murky or muddy. It also may appear to show black around certain areas of their bodies, which may tell which area may be effected or diseased. Also, the colors and proximity of the aura to the body may tell of things occurring with or around the person. In time the shades should and most likely will turn to outright colors, which follow a simple color scale, but often changes with the reader’s perspectives.

The most frequent and –for me– easier colors to see:

Green – health, attachment to the earth, a great Grounding color

Red – a strong will and possible bad temper, loving

Blue – signifies a calm nature, possible lack of determination

Yellow – strong mental level of reasoning

Pink – high level of kindness, possibly lustful, but possibly indecisive

Purple – Spiritually in tuned, psychic abilities

Brown – Close groundness with the earth, undeveloped ego

White – cleansed, purity, secure with ones higher self

Black – Blockage, physical or psychological illness (the darker the worse may be)

Gray – Signal weakened areas of health or energy

Now these colors are just possible outcomes that I have noticed them to appear for me, but someone may find different meanings for different colors by their own testing. Also, it is good to note that the aura has several different layers, and each layer has a different meaning due to its proximity to the body. The colors may be different in every level, but the meaning of each color will remain the same

Each layer corresponds with a certain aspect of its corresponding chakra, yet the layer may and often does get affected by an imbalance of a surrounding layer. This spread in layer imbalance can in time affect the body as a whole, often bringing with it stress, depression and/or disease. Thus it is good to often look at the aura in the previous exercise and self judge if the aura is healthy. The layers in order from closest to the body to the furthest away are:

Etheric level – this is the closest to the body and holds the body’s blueprint to movement

Emotional layer – This one holds the truest colors and controls the emotions

Mental layer – Holds our ideals and beliefs

Astral layer – This layer holds our spiritual nature

Spiritual layer – This layer holds our true extensions to God and our higher powers

The aura layers not only can affect us in unhealthy ways, but can be used in effecting others moods. This altering can also create ill ease or ill health in others. Often people are not even aware that their aura is affecting others; this can be because they are unaware of the energy they hold in their emotions and thoughts.  Yet, the energy can be sent or received easily and either way can create sudden experiences of changes in moods while around other people, places or things.

Through knowledge though, one can easily tell when they’re around people, known as energy vampires, by the way they feel while they are around certain things. Often the things doing the energy sucking are low in their own energy and often feed to raise their energy to meet others around them. I say things because places and materials can be low in energy if ill used. The victim can easily defend themselves however when being preyed upon, by 1) noticing they are a victim and 2) Raising their own energy to create a aura shield to fend off the attack. Being effected by Auras may seem farfetched, but people’s moods affect others around them all the time. And if one is to gain further awareness they must gain alertness in all energy.

It is important to note that Chakras can receive energy using divine sources, yet all things can affect the Chakras, which would show up in the aura’s output. Thus it is important not to let things fully disrupt your energy flow; but if they do it is important to learn how to ground and center in divine energy, and shield yourself from the negative.


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