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The Three Bodies of Self

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2010


On my visitation to the other side during one of my near death experiences I was given a message of a three body system. This system generates inward to outward and holds in each several of our unique personal qualities stemming from this life and all others before.  

The Bodies are spirit, ego or how we inwardly feel about the self and out outer shell or how we represent ourselves to others. The out lies in a body of lies and emotions and is a barrier to our most inner qualities. While the inner ego holds the barrier to the true soul of an individual.  

Many have spoken of these bodies in terms of the three parts of the psychic apparatus. Freud would call these three bodies the Id, ego and super-ego. However, this term usually only pertains to the mind when they should pertain to the body and persona of the persons functionality throughout lives.  

Each of these bodies holds their own, often conflicting emotions and personalities. These conflicts often form illnesses and dis-ease in a person and can be shown in the aura. Thus it is wise to understand these bodies on one’s self in order to understand one’s self completely.  

The Id or outer body lies in how we show ourselves to the outside world and only lives in the here and now. The pleasures of man and outside beauty of the sensual allure lie in this outer casing. With this outer shell being what it is looks matter, colors matter and how we hold and show ourselves matters to others, thus to ourselves. This body can often be known also as the social body  

The Ego or inner body lies in how we show ourselves to ourselves. It often lives in the past and shows signs of what lies and abuses we tell ourselves. Also all deep seeded secrets, scars and beliefs lie in this body. If we can begin to see into this body we can also start to see what our soul’s true journey has in store for us. Here all personal transformations take place. Psychic and Mediumship also show up here as dreams or deja vu. This Body can be called by many names, but I’ll call it Ego.  

The Super-Ego or Soul of a person is that third most inner Body which holds the ethereal chord of resonance and through that the God in which we truly are. This holds the truths and knowledge of all things and is where our truest Spiritual Sight comes from. This often permeates to a slight degree in all others bodies, but lies deeply hidden often to all until the other two bodies can be removed or at least known and worked through in a balance of peace and tranquility.  

Why remove the bodies of Id and Ego  

These two bodies often hold more lies than truths. They bare the bruises of mental and physical ailments and the scars of past defeats. Until one can realize that the world we see and the one that we believe we made are often false (The things we own are a matter of the physical mind and body and not one of the spiritual). A person often cannot even begin to realize the Souls true Self until the first two bodies are removed or shifted in a Spiritual Awakening.  

We can although see in to the seat of the soul through such means of Meditation, Dreams and Visualization, Also often this is why Hypnosis works. Once all is quiet and shifted away from the self in an almost third person reality the soul travels and we open up to the truest form of self. This true self is what many strive for and is the reason to mentally remove the outer casings or the soul bodies of Id and Ego.


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