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Animal Totems v.s. Animal Guides

Posted by Brian on March 16, 2010


I have been asked several times this week what the difference is between totems and guides. The simple answer is that the animal guide is a guide like any other of the 5 guide types; they are there to make sure you are led to where you need to be in life when you need to be there.The totem itself is you I each of your two outer bodies. Note the third body of one’s self also known as the soul or spirit is connected to the creator or God and as thus is all things at all times. 

 A person has an out or top totem that matches their outer bodies unique personalities and spirit. This animal can be anything of the earthly realm of past or present. It can be of any version of our winged, legged or finned brothers and sisters. While or animal guide can be any animal it wants to be. I know several people that have an animal guide of a dragon and even other people that have guides of unicorns and faeries. 

 Also it is good to note that peoples totems can and often do change as their inner or outer bodies transition through life. Their animal guide though often remains the same animal throughout ones life. This can be very confusing as people often see many animals about them and often do not know which their totem is and which their guide is. 

 Also at times their guide can disappear for long periods of time leaving animal totems which then can be easily picked up as guide. Also some people can have more than two totems at any given time due their personality being in a shift, this often makes it look as if they have more totems than they truly have. 

 At times like these, when people are in transitional stages, they need to look at how their life may be changing and why. This week or possibly this month I will be posting different animal guides and totems and the meanings behind each in hope of being of some help in sorting this out. 

Also good to note that peoples animal guides are huge in shape and stature, often many times larger than their totems and at times many times more surreal-almost God-like. While their totems though they may be large, their size and stature measure up nicely to the true animals size.


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