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Three Bodies of the self-The Physical Body

Posted by Brian on March 17, 2010

  In this replication of the true self we can see the world, the moon and stars of this world in this life time. We can also see ones outer personality, their conscious mind and the physicality’s of all life.  As we are all energy in this body we can see and be all that lies around us at the moment. 

 The colors that we see, the things that we feel, the smells that tempt our taste buds etc. all come from this body. If one were to feel the heat of the sun while listening to the birds and it is not a lasting moment it happens here. Things in this lifetime and this body pass as if it were mist on a Sunday morning. 

 This body of the self is the land of wants and desires. Money, houses, fast cars all things that are wanted for the self happen here. This is also the body of sexual desires, alcoholism, drug use and negativity as well. If one were to think of scenery of someone driving a car, this body of self would be the car. This life we live in this body would be the scenery. 

This body is the eyes, ears, mouth and throat. It is also the organs and limbs of a person. It is all things that are solid and can be easily viewed. In this body things can be taken into it by normal means. If one were to live in this body alone and lose a part of this body, they would not be able to normaly function nor assimilate. Hence, by overcoming this essense of self one can begin to see they are more and begin to open to the true self. 

  People walk many paths during a lifetime; this is the vehicle we use to walk those paths. This is a superficial body for it will come and go, while the other two bodies move beyond this life, this shell or body will lie in the dust that made it when the true self moves on. This is the vessel created for the true us to be born into. It is a holy vessel but a vessel none the less. 

 If someone wants to better themselves in this life it can be completed here. In this body one can fake till they make it, for it does not follow us when were done with it. Yet, it is energy and all energy comes from the creator and is created holy thus it should try to walk a holy life. 

 Notice how people act and look at this level and see how the many judge people for the shell. But in this body there lies so much more than the body of physical means, for it also holds our thoughts and emotions of this lifetime. The way we view things and how we feel about the things in this vibration lie here.   

 If one thinks they are fat or ugly that ugliness lies here, if one were to think themselves poor then they are also poor here. The way you think about you lies here and can be simply changed by how one view themselves. It is only a change of thought, a change of emotion, and a change of energy for this life that can change one’s life while living at this level of the self.


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