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What is a medicine wheel

Posted by Brian on March 19, 2010

A medicine wheel is a sacred hoop that within holds all medicine and meaning, It was given to the masses as a means of meditation and sacred healing. There are many different stories and lore centered around this wheel due to the many tribes and other groups that use it.

 However, i use it as a way to go within. A means of transportation from this vibration to any of the many other ones. As my medicine wheel represents and holds the colors of all people, white, red, yellow and black it also holds their magical presences of fire, water, air and earth. The center however goes into to two directions of up and down-or the underworld and upperworld or heaven.

As this was a gift from God or creator to so many people it holds the great power of all things, by its magical and spiritual presence it also holds their medicines of earth medicine, spiritual communication, counseling and meditation all of which should be combined together to make ones self whole. This and much more is what the medicine wheel was given to the people for.  As it is a gift from the creator nothing negative can surpass its great powers.

It is said that the western bounderies-the blackness is where great warriors go to live eternal(die). But, as I have said this is even good magic for death is not the end it is only the beginning. People of great stature in the past have stopped being in the now, but yet their deeds and words live on-this isnt death this is life, for the words and deeds live even stronger than when they were of the living. This is also told through the medicine wheel for the sun or yellow which rises in the east also dies in the west-only to be reborn another day.

The story of creation and life is told in the medicine wheel as well as one follows the wheel clockwise from its uppermost corner. Look and See  the infancy of life that lies in the whiteness of the north only to be followed by the yellowness of  ageless learning, followed by the wisdom of the red road and the redness of elder knowledge and unconditional love, followed by the blackness of the west and the end of ones life cycle. All this is shown through the medicine wheel. As I said to me the wheel is the story and creation of all things and how all things work together as one. This is the medicine wheel-OHO


2 Responses to “What is a medicine wheel”

  1. Steohanie Aho said

    Hello I was just wondering if I could use this image of the medicine wheel for a school project… I just would need to know how to reference it
    thanks so much, Kind regards, Steph

    • Brian said

      Thank You, I would like that very much
      But, could you please reference my page as copyright so others could find my pages as helpful

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