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The Three bodies of self-The Emotional body

Posted by Brian on March 21, 2010

  The inner body of the self holds all emotions and all thoughts. If we were to assign a vibration to it it would consist of the lower, for to walk in the second body is to walk with one’s self. It is not all bad but it is not all good, but by walking alone here would be to miss everything in the here and now. 

 As it holds all emotions, it also holds all love and at the same time hate. As it holds trust it also holds despair. It is definitely a twofold, Yin and Yang of one’s self. Worst yet, as the outer body holds on to the here and now the inner body holds all life time’s up to this point for the self. If one was abused or neglected it would show up here. 

 As such this is the body to be most concerned with and the hardest to overcome. But, it must be dealt with not to banish or overcome but to equal out the emotions and make them not disappear but mean something. Everyone goes though life learning and life’s rehashing the old as well as the new. 

 As such in this body one can utterly miss the meaning of life by living in the past and not in the now. So, one may see that if one cannot equal out the emotional body they may never get to or have a future or the future that they were sent back here to have. With this said I have been asked in classes of this body also known at times as the ego needs to be released. 

 In dreams, visions and in conversations with creator through near death experiences, the answer is a resounding no! We are not here to lose the ego or hatred or any one of the multitude of emotions, but to become one with them. Know we do not always have to have good to have bad. That we do not go through hell to get to heaven. But that all we go through is a learning lesson. 

 I hear so many people say nu-uh, I didn’t deserve blank or why did I do this to them. People live as one, go to the many and come back to one. Not everything one goes through is a learning lesson only for themselves. Many times it is a leaning lesson for all. Ever hear of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is the way of the Yin and the Yang. 

 There is no black or white, there is both. There is no here or future without the now. One must live in the now and learn to live with themselves in unconditional love regardless of when, how or why it was made. All that we make through our first body ends up here, and here is a dampener to the inner most cores. I hear people say so once we leave here we go back to god and our job is done. I say a resounding NO! 

 When and if we go to the pearly gates and stay there our job is not done. We all go through stages of spirit as well. We are all meant to be guides, to be teachers or higher guides and so on until there is nothing left of us than pure energy and unadulterated unconditional love. This vibration we live in doesn’t have the energy to allow us to make that huge of a leap, but it does have enough energy to let us know that things outside the self are best left here and now and that the US in US, the true self can move on and all else can stay here. 

 This is the hardest lesson, for when we get to the other side we will sit before council and they will ask many questions but the one that counts is “Is there anything you need to learn, need or want, any job undone or any reason to go back to the vibration you left”. Remember in heaven no one speaks but everything is heard. If for any reason the answer lies in a yes, life will go on and lessons will be learnt.

If one were to think of this body as being part of them, it would be represented by body and emotional reflections. Such as the synapses of the cellular structure or the blood flowing to throughout ones system. It carries with it to every fibre of the being an emotional response. If someone were to lose the part of the first body, this one shall still lie as an emotional representative of such limb.


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