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The Three Bodies of the Self-The Soul

Posted by Brian on March 22, 2010

  As many have heard me speak on this for a good many years now I Thank You. In this body we truly are “Spiritual Beings Walking a Human Existence”. In this body all that lies within this body is Godly. Here we have forgotten nothing and are everything, 

 This is our direct link to the creator and lord above. Here lies all the embodiment of unconditional love. Although it is the true us it is at hard times tough to reach this point, for we definitely have to go through the proverbial hell and high water and be awakened to its being to see the true beauty of this body. 

 Although there are many enlightened souls being born everyday this body lies often out of reach to most. Yet, it is there in us, for us and through us. Yes, this body goes through us from its highest source to its lowest source and back again, in a circular motion always vibrating in the epitome of heightened energy. 

 This body is ours when we were one with the energy that is the creator and even though it has been covered over by emotions and flesh and blood, it is still ours to reclaim. There is an ethereal chord which ties our spirit to the godhead, this never is truly cut. It goes to everything thing and is in everything. 

 This ethereal chord goes in to us through the crown chakra and runs along the spinal column. There this chord reaches every chakra or energy vector in our system. In a straight line this chord runs the spinal column following a direct path following our legs, out of our feet chakras and into mother earth. There it can cleanse not only earth mother but us. From the earth this energy cycles back upward following the same route until it once again reaches the creator. 

 As this body stays cleaned it is always holy. This body is what we strive to get back to and is why there are many levels ahead of us, more than one can obviously reach while in this current vibration of energy that we all live in. Although this is true for all people, there are some that come back closer to this body than most and have achieved it. These people were known by all religions and held in high regard as saviors. 

 As such and with being said, we must know that this body lies within us. It is achievable. It can be reached, but to attain it steadily is the key. Think who has attained and kept this body aglow. Who that we know of in this society can keep this body. If anyone can how do they keep such godliness. 

 In this body we can do anything, we are the creator; we are god-like in every way without being god. Why then would someone not want to attain this?  

 This body can be reached and at times is through meditation and at times deep dreams. Although it can be reached, it takes much time to do so. Often more time than one is willing to give. It can also be reached via NDE and often has by many, but still one must come back. Once back though the memory lingers of time on the other side it is often masked over by the everyday mundane. 

 However, to see and be on the other side in any way one will be and is forever changed. Attempt meditation; attempt to be the true being one is meant to be. This body is unbound love and untold, unlimited consciousness. In no way attempt NDE, but feel yourself as being here and being your true essence. God blessed us all, feel it and be it. Thank You….


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