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Spiritual Shamanism

Posted by Brian on April 3, 2010

Excerpts from our new book

Within these pages I will not be teaching one anything new, no new religion, no new faiths, nothing. I only hope to help one remember to reawaken to their true spiritual essence of being all things of the now, past and present. For, by truly reawakening to ones spirit they can fly further, run faster, see further and enhance creativity in their daily lives. As such do not change your faiths just to find a place that you may fit in to or cling to these words, but just let them flow and resonate to your soul, if they do not then let it go, for this book may not be for you at this time.

Religions of all kinds have been set to honor the Gods and Goddesses in sacred rights as an outward source. Spirituality is meant to honor the God or Goddesses within ourselves as we are connected to all things. Thus many religions might click true with this form also. There are no rights or wrongs either way, for all things having meaning each at some time is right and wrong at the same time. The truth only lies in what is done with the truth once it is renewed within us.

Look upon all faiths as the way for they are our paths and us, were the path walkers on these paths. But, to take these paths as separate entities are mans way not spirits. All paths have and most share equal truths, thus look upon others paths as being just as right, look upon other path walkers as being just as right, for there are also no new path walkers.

Learn from each other, for each of us teaches another believes that may rekindle our spirits and in time this kindle may grow into a flame. But, if we do not listen then this spark has already been put out. There have been countless wars because our egos have told many of us that our paths aren’t as equal as another’s. Countless people have died in the name of one deity or another.

How many wars have to be waged in the name of God as an outer being before we can see that we are god and goddesses? How many faiths have to be crushed for being evil just because they teach in a different way than ours? How many have to die in the name of a God or goddess before we see that God is all things at the same time and that he is not what we make him to be in our minds.

Millions if not billions of people through the ages have had their life’s completely changed by what we have done to them because they were different, because they thought different, because they prayed different or in different places. This is not the way of the creator, but the way of man, of egos.

This book isn’t written to change anyone’s path or religion, but to enrich it, for by finding the true source-God or goddess our lives will be changed. Thus spiritual shamanism is not a religion as much as it is a new road in which lies on this path for which we can learn to love, learn, teach and enrich our true spirit.


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