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Does it matter what pose you are in when you pray?

Posted by Brian on April 9, 2010

There are many ways to pray to God and just as many religions to suggest to you how to pray. I state with true feeling that it is not as important to how one prays but that one pray faithfully in full cognizance of the creator.  If you can build your energy up to its fullest by lying on your back then lie on your back. If you cannot then don’t do it.

If you must lie on your back remember we hold all energy, it is the intent and the power we build that upon that will break through to the creator. For, those that can stand and pray do so build that energy to its fullest, then let it go, let your voice carry to the furthest star.

Many congregations of people dance, sweat, sing, and the list goes on. It is not as important as how one prays as it is to build that energy. Let your spirit be the guide as to which way you pray, there is no wrong or right as long as you stay in the moment and build towards God.


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