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dream therapy

Posted by Brian on June 11, 2010

I have been teaching a recent class on dreams around the Columbus area that has people clamoring for more. As such I would like to bring more classes out there to you all, please feel free to email me and let me know if your interested in such a class and I will definately get back with you as soon as possible

In these classes I teach about our three bodies of consciousness, sub-conscious and the spirit. These are very important for it is how we dream and also how dreams come to us.
Our conscious needs to understand and be willing to let go of the days stresses in order for proper dreaming to occur.
Our sub-conscious is where our dreams come from, for through it we are connected to heaven and earth and all things in between. Here we know all and are all, dreams being a natural relaxation if we can learn to dream we can control our conscious life’s.
As we need to learn how to relax I then go into how to set up a proper room for dreams to occur, how to relax using meditation, visualization and self hypnosis.. After this short talk I will lead people through a short 10 minute stress busters visualization that will help open all to the world of dreams.
After a short break to allow all to come back from the relaxation, I then teach how to write and keep a dream journal and create their own private dream dictionary. For, our lives can be unfold in dreams, dreams is also where we can rewrite our lives, we can open and ready our selves to any and everything thing one ever wants in life…

This workshop is only 20.00 donation to the United Spiritualist Church of Hypnosis or 150.00 for a group session, all classes last around 2 hours time….


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