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Unconditional love

Posted by Brian on December 30, 2010

Many people have asked me what unconditional love was, its easy it’s a love that keeps on growing and never, ever stops.. It took me many long hard years of coexistence with my self and others to think about it and only a short time, after finding the one true love of my life to understand it.

Always thinking it meant to love someone no matter what happens, between you and the people or person your with or to love someone regardless of the outcome or want. It is this but much more, it is to not only love unconditionally or to never stop loving the other person. But it also means that the love you feel not only for them but for yourself as well never stops growing. The person you love unconditionally has to be you first, the person your with often not only makes you love them but the love with in you grows in multitude.

Since meeting the woman of my dreams the love I feel for everything has grown to be larger than ever expected, its larger than one person could ever hold with in themselves. I know that when my partner is close that everything is possible, no dream is too big or too far away. All fears fade as if the light from us scares it into a non-existence, nothing seems to matter as if the only thing to need is their near to you.

This is the love God shares for each and every one of us, this is the love that people speak about when we look for our twin flame-the perfect missing piece… The problem people always seem to seek it outside themselves, and seems to never be found until the love of themselves comes into fruition. Once this unconditional love comes into being, it is almost as if God suddenly smiles from above and sends that perfect other into our lives.

Once this happens the feeling never fades, it lasts for eternity-the ever lasting love… The unconditional love…. Find it within and it will find you with out and for ever bask in the glory of love


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