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To become a paranormal investigator, what classes do i need to take?

Posted by Brian on January 3, 2011

great question reader, im glad you found us and excited to be able to answer this honestly as possible…

The truth is there are many schools and people who offer such classes. However, I and many have found that these classes are nothing more than something you can find in a book or something you can learn on your own by just getting in to the field and getting your feet wet and getting wet is half the fun.

Why let someone you don’t know or may not trust guide you in their way of thought, which most times is often learned by them doing the exact thing you are about to do-having fun and learning through experience..

The only thing I have to say is this if you want to take a class look for something cheap, make sure they are accredited or very experienced, most of all trust them meet the person you will be learning from first hand, ask questions and feel them out empathically(using your gut instinct). Make sure they are not just someone trying to make a quick buck, know that they havent just learned from someone else class or heaven forbid a book… Feel them out as solidly as one can

Now with that said, there are many good books out there, research them before buying. I have found that anyone can put out a book and most books really having nothing to learn from but are just rehashing the same thing over and over with some cool pictures of orbs or streams, which can easily be made by non-supernatural or paranormal means-just look over some of the many videos on the internet….

Now with that said look for cheap ways(many already mentioned here) to get your first equipment. Many expensive equipment look good, but doesn’t  work as seen on the many television shows. Also never go out investigating alone, as most investigations are done at night on unfamiliar turfs which is a great reason to have a pre-investigation to look at the ground during the day…. Map out places as best possible before night fall, look for any and all obstacles that could cause you or your equipment damage or pain..

use cheap five dollar cameras yeah the ones that you develop and throw away over buying the expensive stuff. Also for EVP’s try to find any recorder that turns itself on automatically with noise, to keep it running can also cause falsehoods… Just look for the cheap ones, on your first investigations no one needs expensive equipment until you are sure you want it, not because you think you do or it looks cool.. Instead of EMF detectors, use a compass then you don’t have to worry about electric boxes or the like, and if there is something out there that an EMF will pick up the compass wont generally point in the right direction…

Second, try not to build up the suspense of the hunt by researching the suspected haunted places before hand. Yes, it is good to know where to go but by doing too much research it will leave out the fun of actually getting footage by possibly putting in the false hoods of a dark and stormy, scary night where things might go bump and having it only being a cat while you make it out to be a specter…. Peoples imagination gets away from them usually on those first investigations and possibly a few after-why make it worse by causing falsehoods…..

Never ever go alone to an investigation, due to the possible obstacles and chances of getting hurt. I for one would never want to be stranded alone in a cemetery because I fell over something and twisted my ankle and now can’t get out until found, in fact don’t know many that would. Hence at least always take one buddy-more if possible. But, too many might bog down the moment because tension does get thicker with more and usually one person may feed off another ones feelings or emotions…. Think appropriately before heading out about how many that too many or how few is…

Next have fun and I for one want to hear about that first investigations and I will post your pictures here, good Investigating


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